Woman’s ‘correct’ way to use salt and pepper shakers is blowing people’s minds

There seems to ‘hack’ for almost everything on TikTok to tell us that we’ve been doing an every day task wrong our entire lives.

While some videos offer genuine solutions, others only seem to complicate things – but one woman’s hack teaching us all how to use salt and pepper shakers has gone viral for all the right reasons.

The matching shakers you find on restaurant tables – or even in your own home – often have ridges around the base of the glass.

TikTok user @Cody.93 posted a video of what appears to be a worker at a restaurant explaining how you can use the little ridges to your benefit, with the caption: “How old were you when you learned the proper way to use a salt and pepper shaker?”

In the video, the worker holds the pepper upside down, running the ridges on the bottom of the salt shaker around the ridges on the pepper, as seen in the clip above.

The vibrations cause the pepper to pour out of in a smooth, consistent stream.

She then demonstrates shaking it as most of us do and struggles getting much out, before switching back to her own method to show it working far more efficiently.

Cody took to the comments to claim that the ridges were designed to “combat condensation” and stop the shakers sliding on the table, but the second use was an added bonus.

The bizarre but useful hack has been viewed almost one million times and left viewers frustrated as to whether they had been using anything correctly before TikTok came along.

One said: “Why do they design these things but never tell us how to use them or that they exist.”

A second replied: “Excuse me!? And why does it sound so good.”

A third wrote: “Should call them salt and pepper vibrators then.”

And another joked: “The ridges are also on wine bottles. You know what to do.”